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RFM Royal Foundation Management GmbH   &   Palliative Counseling LLC

We mainly focus on various diseases and engagements for people with special needs. Since 2016 we invest our engagement to forward Palliative Care, with the support from our sister company "Palliative Counseling LLC" which is based in the USA. The "umbrella" company “RFM Royal Foundation Management GmbH“ (based in Switzerland) has been consulting Swiss Foundations and Associations since 2007. We continually educate our team on both sides of the ocean and work with using practical methods from the United States and Switzerland. We focus on Spiritual Care in the field of Palliative Care, in Daily Life and Work Life.



Spiritual Care in Private Life and Work Life

Grief Counseling
Palliative Counseling TZZ
Board Member of Palliative Zug
Education & Research SOUL INJURY®
Author and Presenter

Sandra Ulrich, CAS Spiritual Care
Personal Change Management
Languages: Swiss German, German, English

I was trained in the USA to educate others abroad to learn more about the therapeutic concept from SOUL INJURY® (areas: Switzerland, Germany and Austria). In addition, I wrote my certified advanced study CAS at the University of Bern to SOUL INJURY®. I completed my various certified trainings in Palliative Care and End of Life Care at the University of Bern with the specialization in Spiritual Care. I conduct an international study on the subject and symptoms on SOUL INJURY® . I am the author from the children's book "Grandma, where are you going?".  Privately, I am involved as an board member of the NPO association of Palliative Care, Kt. Zug.

How everything started...

I firstly encountered Palliative Care and Spiritual Care when I stood beside my Mom, as she passed the last stage of her life. This was one of the most moving experiences I ever faced. With 58 years, my mom died from brain cancer. Before her passing, we had 9 months left to accept the situation and to deal with our feelings of bereavement during this hardship. To cope with the grief, our family started a project and wrote a book for children „Grandmom, where are you going?“ My Mother was also working on the finishing of that book with us. After her death, we sold the book and gained enough money to sponsor five NPO's in Switzerland. The time from the beginning of her diagnosis until her death was incredible sad . Somehow, we had to start to look at the frightening topic death through new eyes and surprisingly found some hope as well as consolation. This was my personal key experience.

I started to study on both sides of the ocean and focused myself on Palliative Care, mainly Spiritual Care, and how to help others to cope with their losses or Soul Injuries. Personally, I love to spend any free time with my family. In the summer, I like hiking in Switzerland and in winter, I enjoy to travel. In quiet moments I love to read an interesting textbook or I just enjoy the sweet idleness.