Guardian Angel Stones and Burden Stones.... what an impact! These stones are small but have a great significance. They are lovingly handmade in Switzerland by the artists Rebecca Kaufmann and Cécilia Ulrich. The stones are available in different designs. Upon request, personalized stones can be ordered. CHF 5.00 (USD 5.00) of each purchase will be donated to people that have suffered trauma and find it difficult to cope with the burden. The donation will be given directly to affected individuals in cooperation with hospitals, NPO's, church organizations and psychiatric institutions.

Guardian Angel Stone:
Give someone a loving thought and a dear wish for protection and security.
Artist: Rebecca Kaufmann (also known through "bornbox") 

Burden Stone:
With this burden-stone you can give someone the opportunity to overcome a burden that is still heavy on the heart. A small stone that can carry many heavy burdens! Later, this burden-stone can be thrown away, for example in a ceremony at the sea, and with it all the weight of the burden.
Artist: Cécilia Ulrich
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"We know how important and meaningful these stones are, that's why we try to give each of them it's unique touch and a blessing thought with it!"